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Radio Ad - Joseph Martin - Retake Your State and Country - Vote Reform!

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Many Kansas voters have been disappointed by the choices they have had on the ballot, and they have chosen to be counted among those who do not vote at all. The Reform Party of Kansas has real Kansans on the ballot who are not running to please corporations or special interests but rather to serve the needs of Kansas families and small businesses.

I'm Joseph Martin, running for Secretary of State. I will demand honest, verifiable elections with real, countable ballots. I will work to make sure only legal Kansas residents can register to vote. I will reduce costs in the Secretary of State's office in order to lower the fees paid by Kansas businesses as much as possible.

Kansas voters, show the career politicians that you are ready to retake your state and country. Vote Reform! Vote for Joseph Martin for Secretary of State and for our other Reform Party of Kansas candidates on the ballot.

Reform Education?

We have a great school, there is nothing wrong with our school, none of that goes on...

Take Action - Say "No" to More Student Searches

UPDATE: On 9/20/2006, Congress passed the Student and Teacher Safety Act by voice vote! That's right: no record of who was explicitly in favor of it, and no representative objected to it. Call 202/224-3121 to ask your representative's staff to explain why he/she raised no objection to warrantless searches of students!

Students for Sensible Drug Policy is asking for your help to stop a bill that would further curtail the rights of students in public schools all across the country. The so-called “Student and Teacher Safety Act of 2006” (H.R. 5295) would make it easier for teachers and school administrators to search students’ lockers and bags for drugs and other contraband. SSDP needs your help to make sure that this bill never becomes law.

H.R. 5295 would allow school officials to search dozens or even hundreds of students based on the mere suspicion that just one student brought drugs to school. This kind of justification allowed police officers to storm a high school in Goose Creek, SC, in 2003, forcing dozens of students to the ground and pointing guns directly at their faces during a misguided raid in which no drugs were found.

This bill is nothing more than another attack on the constitutional rights of young people by the federal government. Students should never have to check their constitutional rights at the schoolhouse door.
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Eminent Domain Robbery and Eviction - Halper Farm in Piscataway NJ

Another Eminent Domain Abuse is coming to eviction in Piscataway, NJ: the Halper Family Farm is being taken from the Halpers for nothing or possibly with a fine.

Some links about it:

An article:

A blog with some entries about Halper Farm:

Piscataway, NJ contact info:

Call the Mayor via the Clerk: 732-562-2310
E-Mail the mayor: Bill Wahler
They consider it a done deal: the forced eviction (with automatic "abandonment" of whatever possessions are not moved away) is this Monday, July 10th at 3:00 PM.
Ask the mayor "What are you doing to stop this robbery of the Halper Farm.

Ideas for this Web-Site

I am hoping to make progress on the ideas that prompted me to put together a content management system (CMS) in the first place.

The web-site link is: .

  • Asynchronous Meeting Place
    This is a place for members to meet asynchronously (whenever each has a little time rather than finding a time when two or more can talk voice-to-voice or in person at the same time).

    Thus, people can discuss issues, write up ideas for articles, campaign literature, party growth, meetings, etc. without people needing to schedule simultaneous free-time.

  • Bulletin Board
    A place to put notifications of news items, news sources, up-coming events, etc.

Activism Idea - Adopt a Public Meeting

The Bad Guys keep hoping that "good" people will despair and resort to "stupid" acts of retaliation against the system that keeps them in slavery, and there are many that fall to this temptation under the multiple, constant pressures imposed upon them. But, if only some people would start doing the "right" things: pay attention to what their officials are doing, care about the problems, and stand up to fill the obvious gaps in leadership, each one taking the closest gap at hand and sticking with it until momentum develops and the problems get turned around.

One simple action is to start attending meetings of local elected officials, challenging any socialist or selfish actions, informing others of the issues, and becoming a focal point for people that want to becoming involved themselves. The persistence of one or two at each local meeting can be the nucleus of energy needed to spark off grassroots activism.



Today we are seeing the results of our nation throwing away the sound doctrine that has served us so well, for so long. Today I see a nation where many of our children are having a difficult time judging right from wrong, a nation that my parents don't even recognize, a nation that has dramatically changed in just one generation.

Your care and concern is needed desperately. We are at a crossroads in our nation. Now is the time for good people to come to the aid of their country.


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