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Press Release - Candidate, Veteran Ranzau Not Welcome in Debates

To members of the media:

During the rhetoric filled "debate" held at the State Fair between Governor Sebelius and Senator Burnett, the Governor made two comments that may give hope to other gubernatorial candidates left out of the debate.

The Governor stated that she was disappointed in voter turnout because "politics is not a spectator sport" and suggested that people need to get involved. Additionally, she stated that she supports the men and women who serve this country in the military.

Richard Ranzau, the Reform Party candidate for governor and veteran of the Persian Gulf and Iraq Wars, spoke with the Governor after the debate.

Buoyed by the Governor's comments, Richard asked her what actions she was willing to take to ensure that he, a veteran of two wars, would be allowed to participate in future debates, and thus fully participate in the election process.

The Governor feebly responded by saying that it was not up to her to decide who would be allowed in the debates. When Richard reminded her that she was the Governor and suggested that she demonstrate some leadership in this area, she quickly avoided the question and sought refuge amongst her supporters.

So much for supporting veterans and encouraging participation in politics.

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