The Sine Qua Non of Enduring Freedom

I'm aware of three candidates running for District 67 of the Kansas House. All three profess the Christian faith. Upon what basis will the candidates practice their faith if elected? I can't speak for the other candidates, but I pledge to do my best to base my decisions upon the principles taught by the Bible.  I just finished reading an excellent little article summarizing the contrasts between basing freedom and government upon the principles of Holy Scripture vs. the principles of humanistic systems, such as Economics, Natural Law, or Utilitarianism. In it, the late Dr. John Robbins (Ph.D. in Political Philosophy from Johns-Hopkins) honors the philosophy Dr. Hans Senholz, professor of Economics at Grove City College. This paper does a good job of summarizing a philosophy of government and freedom derived from the Bible, and represents my position well. I STRONGLY encourage you to read the article at the link below: