Aaron Russo's - America: From Freedom to Fascism.

I had the opportunity on the night of the 28th of July to partake in the showing of Aaron Russo's latest movie project entitled America : From freedom to fascism. I sat through a close to 2 hour experience that left me with a multitude of feelings ranging from disgust, anger, saddness and humor. The movie began by asking a simple question. Please show me in the law where it states that we are required to pay an income tax. Now one might think that this is just the tired rant of the "Pay no Taxes" crowd out there, but as I watched this film I began to understand that the wretched condition that we find ourselves in today comes not from the income tax system, but an environment that has developed and flourished within our own government. Our nation, just like many nations before it, is suffering under the convergence of many elements that are forging the iron shackles that are now rapidly turning our once proud "city on a hill" republic into a rough beast, hardly discernable as it clinks, clangs and claws its way towards the historical ash heap. The principal element that seems to cement all others together though is our unfortunate apathy. This movie, unlike so many others that engage in the fatally flawed logic of which Thomas Nast caricature would be better equipped to run the country, leaves the tired old Democratic vs. Republican mantra where it belongs, in the equally flawed corporate owned alphabet soup news agencies. Aaron encourages its viewers to consider that the ultimate blame falls on you and me, because as he says in the movie, we should stop being good Republicans and Democrats and start being good Americans and reassert ourselves in the affairs of this republic and I certainly couldn't agree more. I give Aaron Russo's American: From freedom to fascism two thumbs up. Take a friend, better yet take a van load of people to see this movie and then get out there and vote for those same like minded people while you still can come this November.

Good movie - Some sobering admonishments

Thanks for the post.

I just saw it tonight, Wednesday 8/2/2006, at 9:45 PM at the same AMC 30 Olathe. The weather was brutal. I wasn't sure I was going to make it.

The movie is quite good. It has a "home movie" feel to it. I took some notes: names, some points, cases, executive order numbers. I'll try to post some of the notes some time.

The movie does a good job showing that the "Federal Reserve" is an internationally held, private bank that loans our "money" to us, for which we pay interest via their shady army, the IRS.

The movie is a good companion to another good expose of banking in general and particularly in America: The Money Masters. It is available on DVD, with volume pricing of $13 each for five DVDs - not bad for an activist tool. I have also seen WMV files of the movie, which can be found.

It's our choice: Freedom or slavery.

Just say "NO" to the national ID card. If they don't allow you on planes, in government buildings, and bigger banks without one, so be it.

It says to be willing to join boycotts. I say it is already time to boycott all major corporations, especially those working on the RF-ID chips: Kraft, Proctor & Gamble, MIT, HP, Gillette, Johnson & Johnson, and probably others. I think it is time to boycott all major corporations that aren't known to be patriotic and moral.

I don't know how many saw the movie with Jason. There were about 8 of us when I saw it. I gave out some contact info to a few people there. Hopefully they will help on this site here.

Joseph Martin, Vice-Chairman
Reform Party of Kansas