Stand Up America

Ron Paul succeeded in uniting thousands of Americans with his message of having respect for liberty through having respect to the laws of the Constitution. We ought not let his message or his accomplishment of uniting so many people become diminished. Each of us need to recognize the challenge faced by America and we need to be willing to stand up for the future of our independence and our liberty.

To every American who would support the survival of our American way of life under the Constitution's laws, we need to pick up and amplify Ron Paul's message and use it as a standard for judging or endorsing all other candidates. For a letter anyone can use for this purpose, see

A DVD has been put together called "Stand Up America" that is good to use along with the letter. The DVD can be copied without limit and distributed by candidates and for candidates as a means to say, "This candidate gives full endorsement to the Ron Paul message that is expressed in this DVD".

The DVD and letter are free upon request. Send your request to: American Patriot Project, P. O. Box 361, Ottawa, KS 66067. Those who can send money for postage, it will be appreciated. They may also be ordered through