Jason Littlejohn - Candidate for KS State Representative, 45th District

Many people out there want to know who I am and why I am running against Tom Sloan for the 45th District.

Well, I am a Kansan - I have lived in Kansas for 25 years now and I have lived in Lawrence for about 10 years as well.

I am completely, 100% pro-life, and I am against embryonic stem-cell research. I do support adult stem-cell research, since it doesn't destroy human life, and it has shown some good results.

I attended school in a sleepy little place called Pomona. I also had a summer at The University of Kansas in 1988. I got my first taste of college life along with twenty other Kansas Students as a participant of the Summer Honors Institute. The following year I graduated from Pomona full of expectations of the future.

Straight away I jumped into the college routine as an aerospace engineering major and over the course of the next two years, I grew tired of the routine and finally left K.U. for the U.S. Navy. I wanted to see more of the world and they certainly do deliver on that promise.

I attended a special military school known as the Naval Nuclear Power School in Orlando, Fl. It's a classified course, so all I can say is that it was tough and involved a lot of math, chemistry, nuclear physics, metallurgy and a copius amount of sea stories from old master chiefs. Well, I endured and graduated with class 9302 and continued my studies at N.P.T.U. (nuclear propulsion training unit) in Ballston Spa, N.Y. I went on to graduate from that course as well and became a third class nuclear machinist mate (E-4).

I arrived on the CVN-69, the D.D. Eisenhower, in March of 1994. I served as a propulsion plant operator for the duration of my stay. I spent some time in the shipyards and was fortunate to go on a med-cruise.

My travels overseas gave me new insight into how people really are away from the incessant buzzing of the U.S. news media, this factored into my life later, as I will explain shortly. I spent time in Spain, Turkey, France, Greece, Italy, Israel, The United Arab Emirates, and Puerto Rico. Eventually, my enlistment was over and I returned to civilian life in October of 1996.

My experiences in the Navy convinced me to go back to school. I got back into the University of Kansas as a journalism major and I attended for 2 years from 1997 to 1999. I wanted to take part in some way with the dissemination of information and possibly be one of many people that would tell the truth about how dire things are in this country. I knew that so many things were wrong in the world and sadly they still are today. I began to cut my teeth in radio on KJHK 90.7 playing the required staples of blues and jazz music with some insightful commentary thrown in for good measure.

Along the way, I managed to write a newsletter for non-traditional students called OAKS (Org. of advanced knowledge seekers), managed to get elected as a student senator and still forge ahead towards my degree.

In 1999 I put my schooling on hold once again. I realized that in order to do what I enjoyed as a journalist, I would step on too many corporate toes. I realized that the problems facing us required the telling of the truth and unfortunately that often times doesn't bode well for a radio station's bottom line, so I took a job at the Lawrence Energy Center power plant doing basically the same job I was doing in the Navy, with the hopes that the extra income would allow me to pursue my journalism interests.

I have been employed with Westar Energy for 7 years. I am also a volunteer for a special group called the Confined Space / High Angle rescue team, where members learn to rescue people from hazardous places like confined spaces or from extreme heights. I am a member of the IBEW union local 304 and a life time member of VFW post 852.

I have also been a proud member of the Lawrence farmers' market for 3 years now. Our family has a small fruit farm and U-Pick operation south of Ottawa. Please visit us sometime at www.happyhensbrand.com .

In addition to this, I enjoy other hobbies such as scuba diving, poetry and news article writing (some of which has been published) and - last but not least - my best hobby is my radio program that is now heading into its third year. I do a talk show called Lives in the Balance on KCXL 1140 AM in which I interview people from all over this world. On my program we discuss issues that truly concern us all, such as energy independence issues, illegal immigration, eminent domain abuses, out of control government growth in Kansas, and even a four time noble award nominee on how to grow healthier crops by using seaweed and playing bird song. I know it sounds strange, but it is amazing and it works. I've done it myself without using harsh chemicals or using GMO plants. Anyway, it would be fair to say that my desire is to help us all live better lives by listening to people who are doing it and then trying it for ourselves.

I hope you understand that I cannot adequately tell you everything about myself, but I really want you to know why I am running for office. I am running as an independent, just like so many others out there, like Lieberman for example, because I believe that both major parties are not going to fix the problems in our nation or our State that need to be fixed.

  • I see a nation that needs to bring its jobs back, but doing so means overturning the WTO.
  • I see a nation that needs to stop Illegal Immigration, and that means taking away the incentive for cheap labor by enforcing the laws making it illegal to employ illegal aliens.
  • I see a nation that is really failing its children by removing the rights of parents to raise their children as they see fit. Why shouldn't we allow parents the option of sending their children to school's in line with their beliefs by giving parents back their own tax money to make it happen (the hypocrites in D.C. almost exclusively send their children to private schools).
  • I see a nation that is being raped by the oil barons while our elected officials avoid even the discussion of using our own domestic oil that would save us hundreds of billions of dollars (just go to a search engine and type in GULL ISLAND).
  • I see a nation that is not being told the truth, and if I can get in there, I will make every attempt to increase the volume on issues that matter.

I wish that I could be more thorough, but I am off to knock on some doors and do some commercials on 1320 KLWN, but thank you for your time and attention and get out there on NOV 7th and make your voice heard.

Jason Littlejohn..

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Thank you for your biography.

You have been around, and you have first-hand knowledge of the variety with which God has blessed His creation.

You have also seen the malice of people that are selfish, greedy, and arrogant; they regard all of us as sub-human, and they therefore have no qualms at enslaving us for their profit and amusement.

Joseph Martin, Vice-Chairman
Reform Party of Kansas