Reform 2008 - Susan Ducey for U.S. Congress, 4th Congressional District Kansas

Susan Ducey
Kansas 4th Congressional District

Susan Ducey is a Candidate who:

  1. Is a Constitutionalist
  2. Is for Strong National Defense
  3. Is Pro-Life

As Congresswoman, Susan Ducey would support:

  1. Welfare reform.
  2. Protection of the unborn.
  3. Strong national defense.
  4. Parental rights.
  5. States rights.
  6. Tax reform.
  7. Freedom from government interference in children's education.
  8. National sovereignty.
  9. Encouragement of the two parent family structure.
  10. Interpretation of the Constitution in its original intent.

You can mail Susan Ducey at or see her campaign information for other details.

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