Miro work smashes auction record

BBC - News - Wed, 2012-06-20 04:03
Joan Miro's 1927 work Peinture (Etoile Bleue) sells for more than £23 million at Sotheby's in London, breaking the auction record for the Spanish artist.
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Wife contradicts accuser

CNN - Top Stories - Wed, 2012-06-20 03:26
CNN's Jason Carroll details the testimony given by Jerry Sandusky's wife. She told jurors she never witnessed abuse.
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VIDEO: Meet Emily - the robot lifeguard

BBC - News - Wed, 2012-06-20 02:51
Machines have been replacing people for years - but could a robot really replace a lifeguard?
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`The Bain Way' shapes Romney's running mate search

AP - Politics - Wed, 2012-06-20 02:47
WASHINGTON (AP) -- A businessman at his core, Mitt Romney was legendary in the private sector for his reliance on reams of information and extensive research to decide which companies to take over....

Witness: Showers not unusual

CNN - Top Stories - Wed, 2012-06-20 02:04
Jerry Sandusky's long time friend Joyce Porter defends him during an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper.
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'We just didn't know how to be a mum or dad'

BBC - News - Wed, 2012-06-20 01:44
'We just didn't know how to be a mum or dad'
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Four steps to getting that job

BBC - News - Tue, 2012-06-19 23:49
Four experts give their top tips on how to land that job
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Report shows bounce in bouncing babies

Two-thirds of U.S. pregnancies now end with the birth of a baby, a significantly higher rate than in 1990, when abortions were one-third more common than now, says a federal report on pregnancy rates and outcomes.

In 2008 - the latest year for these data - more than 6.5 million ...

VIDEO: Sydney's secret undersea scrapheap

BBC - News - Tue, 2012-06-19 22:57
Sydney's seafront and harbour is well-known for its pristine tidiness, but delve under the water and it is a different picture.
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NY judge: US can seize dinosaur skeleton

AP - U.S. News - Tue, 2012-06-19 22:05
NEW YORK (AP) -- One of the more unusual arrest warrants in U.S. history was issued Tuesday when a federal judge authorized the Department of Homeland Security to seize a dinosaur from an art storage company. There's no need for handcuffs though. It's been dead for 70 million years....
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Dad won't face charges in alleged attacker's death

AP - U.S. News - Tue, 2012-06-19 21:57
SHINER, Texas (AP) -- Hearing his 5-year-old daughter crying from behind a barn, a father ran and discovered the unthinkable: A man molesting her. The father pulled the man off his daughter, authorities say, and started pummeling him to death with his fists....
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Murdoch in $2bn CMH takeover bid

BBC - News - Tue, 2012-06-19 21:56
Rupert Murdoch's News Limited makes a $2bn (£1.3bn) takeover bid for James Packer's Consolidated Media Holdings.
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Photos: Questionable ads fuel controversy

CNN - Top Stories - Tue, 2012-06-19 21:55
Questionable ads fuel controversy
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Rodney King's fiancee: 'He's not moving'

CNN - Top Stories - Tue, 2012-06-19 21:29
In a frantic 911 call early Sunday, Rodney King's fiancee, Cynthia Kelley, described how she discovered King's body at the bottom of his pool and made repeated efforts "to wake him up," but there was no response to her efforts.
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Hebrew National not kosher?

CNN - Top Stories - Tue, 2012-06-19 21:19
The largest kosher food brand in the United States, Hebrew National, known for its tagline "We Answer to a Higher Authority," is being sued in federal court for allegedly not meeting the kosher standards it famously advertises.
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Man serves dumpster food to public

CNN - Top Stories - Tue, 2012-06-19 21:12
A Canadian man creates a dumpster diving group that serves its findings to the public. Affiliate CBC reports.
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Issa: Holder must turn over documents

CNN - Top Stories - Tue, 2012-06-19 20:59
A showdown meeting Tuesday between U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and the House Oversight Committee chairman failed to resolve their dispute, which could result in a contempt vote against the nation's top prosecutor.
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Secretariat gets triple crown of records

CNN - Top Stories - Tue, 2012-06-19 20:52
Thirty-nine years after winning the Preakness, a new ruling gives Secretariat the best time ever in horse racing's Triple Crown races.
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Bill Murray scores baseball honor

CNN - Top Stories - Tue, 2012-06-19 20:48
Actor and Charleston RiverDogs co-owner Bill Murray responds to being inducted into the Minor League Hall of Fame.
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Whose face do you see on Mercury?

CNN - Top Stories - Tue, 2012-06-19 20:40
Mickey Mouse spotted on Mercury?! CNN's Jeanne Moos reports on an out-of-this-world sighting.
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