Minions and House-Slaves are Vigilant

It sounds like you may have some dutiful house-slaves enforcing policies designed to turn your work-place into a machine of automatons (robots) rather than a work-force of informed people with various specialized skills.

In every fascist take-over of a nation in the past (recent and distant) that I know of, the businesses have been federalized, that is, taken over by the fascist regime.

If your network police (enforcing network policies) do not think that awareness of the possibility that a fascist government is emerging that would likely confiscate private businesses is "work-related," then perhaps they are ready and eager to serve the new "owners" if and when your business is taken over, as was done in Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia. Perhaps they know that those traitors ("house-slaves") who assist in the takeover are often rewarded with positions of limited (and usually temporary) control over others.

Joseph Martin, Vice-Chairman
Reform Party of Kansas


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