Call to Action #1

Call these Senators and say you oppose this “Amendments for Amnesty” deal!

Switchboard: 202-224-3121

Key Senators:

McConnell 202/224-2541
Lott 202/224-6253
Kyl 202/224-4521

Brownback 202/224-6521
Burr 202/224-3154
Chambliss 202/224-3521

Cornyn 202/224-2934
Hutchison 202/224-5922
Isakson 202/224-3643

Warner 202/224-2023
Webb 202/224-4024

Talking Points
(be sure to be polite and respectful!)

  1. I understand that Senate leaders are working on a back-room deal that will bring the Amnesty bill back for a vote in exchange for consideration on certain amendments.
  2. I oppose this “Amendments for Amnesty” deal.
  3. If you support this deal, then you will forever be listed as a supporter of amnesty.
  4. The American people have spoken in opposition to this amnesty bill. I urge you to oppose this deal and the bill.

Joseph Martin, Vice-Chairman
Reform Party of Kansas


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