Is the fair tax at the salvation of America?

Our world is facing many challenges that only an independent America with a strong economy can be in any position to provide guidance and other help. We cannot help others if we ourselves fall from the values that built this country.

Our economic health is a number one concern. We need answers.

I have been looking over and I like what I see. Can anyone come up with a better solution to our problems? I would like to hear the pros and cons.

If we do nothing and allow the collapse to come, what guarantee do we have that the outcome will have been worth doing nothing? If we bring on the Fair Tax, domestic American manufactures and the jobs will come back. If we also put common sense back into federal spending, like downsizing more in line with what the Constitution says, we can do it without pulling the rug out from under our seniors who now must depend day to day on social security money. If the collapse is allowed to come, we all lose.


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