Joseph Martin - Candidate for KS Secretary of State

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Joseph Martin has been married to Leslie Martin for thirteen years, and they have five children.

Joseph is a computer programmer with experience in many areas. Joseph went to Georgia Institute of Technology, earning a B.S. in Mathematics; he graduated in 1992, summa cum laude.

Joseph has been active in the Reform Party of Kansas since the 2000 Presidential Race of Pat Buchanan. He was elected chairman of the party in 2002, and he was elected vice-chairman in 2006 by the executive committee. Joseph is pro-life, pro-family, pro-Kansas, and pro-Constitution.

Candidate for KS Secretary of State, 2006
Contact or send contributions to:
Joseph Martin for Secretary of State
1106 N 7th St.
St. Marys, KS, 66536
For donations over $10.00, please include name, address, and (over $50) occupation, for reporting requirements.

Joseph Martin is running for Kansas Secretary of State. Honesty in elections is essential to preserve our democratic republic. The separation of powers in the U.S. Constitution is not merely the Executive, the Legislative, and the Judicial; the largest and most important group is the voters, and their power to cast votes that are honestly and accurately counted is seriously compromised if the tallying of their votes cannot be verified beyond a doubt.

Questions from Voters

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