Judy Tucker - A Pro-Life Candidate for KS State Representative, 5th District.

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Judy Tucker, Reform Candidate for KS State Representative, 5th District.

Married to Roger Tucker for 16 years, Judy has 3 children and 2 grandchildren Roger; has 6 children and 14 Grandchildren. I am 50 years old.

A resident of Kansas since 1990, she has lived in Ottawa, KS. since December, 2001.

She worked full time at Wal-Mart for several years, and presently she works part time while being engaged in this campaign to encourage people to contact their government representatives on the issues and vote for better candidates in the elections.

After graduating from Englewood High School in the state of Washington, Judy has been researching the affairs of people and organizations and why they work diligently to destroy the independence and liberty of our American society.

The question about Judy being PRO-LIFE, she most definitely is. She has always been for the life of an unborn child. Judy said, "I had a daughter who died after her birth and they wanted to stop the pregnancy and I told them to save her life. All life is from God and who are we to tamper with it. I am against abortion taking a child because of any selfish desire to end a life."

Having watched the actions of Government in her many years as a Mother and Grandparent of 2 beautiful Grandchildren, Judy is now running for KS State Representative to make our Elected Government Officials accountable to the People instead of serving the Corporations and Special Interest Groups. The fundamental problem behind the betrayer of our Elected Representatives is the large amount of Money being passed around to many Officials who do not care about We the People.

For example, Big Pharmaceutical Companies lobby for trade agreements that would enforce the international agreement called Codex Alimentarius, which will outlaw herbs and natural food supplements, only allowing them by prescription, if at all. "Big Pharma" doesn't want to see a reduction in their profits because of people keeping themselves stay healthy with healthy food and herbs; they don't want competition.

Most people are not yet aware that while laws are being passed to infringe upon our constitutional civil liberties in the name of making us safer from terrorists, our borders are not being defended from the daily invasion of thousands of unidentified illegal immigrants who may well be the very terrorists of which the government and media are constantly warning us, on their way to destroy the future of our children. The contradictions in these ploicies are obvious.

Most people are not yet aware that the Security and Prosperity Partnership Of North America (SPP) is already nearing completion. This anti-American partnership will dissolve the borders with Canada and Mexico, eliminate security at our current national borders, and complete the destructive "free trade" agreements that have been helping U.S. factories move to Mexico for cheaper labor for over a decade: under the SPP they will be able to hire legal immigrants, avoiding those costly moving expenses.

This economic destruction, together with the so-called war on domestic terrorism, is double insanity without representation. We The People, who are supposed to control the people's government, have not asked for this. The money and power of large international corporations have the eyes and ears of our Elected Officials, directing them to ensure greater control, less competition, and increased profits for their wealthy sponsors.

Where do the needs and rights of the people fit in? We are being ignored and controlled. The people of Kansas are saying "No more! This has to stop."

Wake up America and vote for our American future and to support the constitutional laws of independence and liberty that made this state and country great!

Kansas politics needs Reform! American Politics needs Reform! Vote Reform!