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Join Me in Faxing Congress to Stop Fascist ObamaCare and Obey Their Oath of Office

The Senate and House are receiving countless calls in support of the fascist national "health care" plan.  No doubt, these are from corporate phone centers and lobbyist call trees - our tax dollars at work against us. I faxed the following mess ...

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Emergency Alert! Instruct Senators to Vote NO on O-No-Care S.1796 The Healthy Family Act (The Happy Insurance Companies Act)

... Act ( aka The Happy Insurance Companies Act aka ObamaCare aka PelosiCare )! This is based on the text from ...

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Join Me in Instructing Senators NOT To Give In To Executive Pressure But Rather To Vote NO on ObamaSCare S.1796

I faxed the following admonition against voting for ObamaCare/ObamaSCare/O-No-Care to multiple US Senators, since I heard about a ...

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