Joe Bellis - Answers Independence Caucus Candidate Questionaire

From the Independence Caucus. I answered yes to all 80 of the candidate vetting questions. The Independence Caucus will only endorse main party (Democrat or Republican) candidates, even if a better independent candidate is running.

Stand Up America - Join The Campaign

The following link is to an article from the Washington Post on Ron Paul. wp-dyn/content/article/2008/05/05/AR2008050502314_pf.html
One paragraph from that article tells us about the values of Ron Paul.
"If it was just for the presidency, it would have ended a long time ago," says supporter Tom Martin, 50, a database administrator from State College, Pa. "The idea was to reinvigorate the Republican Party back to its principles and, more than that, to reinvigorate the American people back to its principles."

If we learn anything it is this, only when enough of us become candidates to campaign, not for the office we seek, but for the message, will America survive.

Some Platform Points to Work On

Here are some comments on some of our platform points to look at. If anyone wants to propose changes, they can be considered and voted upon at a party meeting.

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