Topeka Ron Paul Meetup 7/08/2007 Meeting

Four of us met in Topeka, KS, on Sunday, 7/08/2007.

How do we add to the number that are involved in the effort to spread the word about Ron Paul? By talking to as many people as we can about Ron Paul. Some of these people will recognize the chance for political reform along Constitutional and moral principles that is Ron Paul's presidential campaign.

1. Reach people via door-to-door, with walking lists, to leave door-hangers, and to offer other info, like push-cards and DVDs.

2. Bring material to gatherings of people, including farmers' markets, with general material and any more specific material (like issues related to farming and ranching).

3. Look at local printing of color flyers in bulk. Look at possibility of getting a color laser-printer.


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