Roger Tucker, Candidate For Congress Position On Issues

1. What controls do you advocate for illegal immigration into the United States?

Answer: This involves a multi-complex solution. We must enforce existing laws and we must put an end to the cause of the massive illegal immigration by altering our free trade agreements, such as NAFTA and CAFTA. These "free trade agreements" enable big business to exploit suppressed rights of foreign labor for profit. When this exploitation profiteering promotes greater oppression and poverty, many exploited people migrate North for the advantage of our opportunities and law enforcement.

2. What steps should the United States take to resolve its involvement in Iraq?

Answer: We are in Iraq to combat "world terrorism" and install democracy. Many in Iraq support our cause of making them a democracy friendly to our "new world order" free trade system. Others obviously do not to the point of sounding like a civil war. I believe we should bring all our troops home to defend our Constitution, our borders and our way of life from the active invasion of our country that is taking place.

3. What steps should the government take to reduce the budget deficit?

Answer: Operating within a balanced budget needs to be achieved. The interest alone that we pay on the money our government borrows for its operations is our third largest government expenditure. This simply cannot long continue. About everything has been tried to balance the budget except for a Constitutional Amendment to force it, which I do support. Only the will of the people can make even this work.

4. What checks, if any, should Congress place on the executive branch as it wages the Global War on Terror?

Answer: My military oath impressed on my mind that I was in the military service of my country for one reason, that reason being to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies and to obey the orders of those appointed over me agreeable to our laws and code of conduct. Congress must ensure that our enemies do not, by any tactics, cause us to abandon our Constitution of independence and liberty.

5. What is your assessment of how the No Child Left Behind Act has worked, and what changes would you vote to make?

Answer: Results are varied depending on location. The value of the program is to give an incentive for improvement in teaching and learning. Some measured improvement keeps the federal funds available. For a balanced budget this may be lost. However, at present I don't recommend or support any changes even though I am always firmly committed to keeping schools under state control.

6. How, if at all, should the U.S. government promote a shift from reliance on oil to other energy sources?

Answer: The reason that we need to develop reliance on other energy sources is because of fossil fuel pollution causing low oxygen levels as the world's energy needs increase. Other energy sources can be developed. Open Congressional Hearings need to be called to determine the most promising areas of development, after which legislation needs to be passed to move development funds in the right direction. Grants should also be provided for private research and development.

7. Should the U.S. government increase funding of research using embryonic stem cells?

Answer: No. This is too much of an affront to the right and quality of life. Research that has been done using embryonic stem cells shows many negative results while adult stem cells are readily available and are seen to be just as promising.

8. What changes, if any, are needed to the federal farm subsidies program?

Answer: Everything is considered as necessary. This is a reason why a balanced budget is so difficult. We need to improve U.S. family farmers price support programs, especially by adding parity support prices. We also need an improved Farmers Owned Reserve Program and provide adequate funding for the National Strategic Grain Reserves Program.

9. Are there any measures the U.S. government should take to aid Kansas as its population becomes older and more urban?

Answer: None that I would trust. No program has ever been devised by the federal government that does not also create an element of control over state concerns and also bring with it more possibility for federal government corruption. Our Social Security Trust Fund, if it had been managed properly, would be worth more today than just being full of IOUs with a funding crises on the horizon.

10. What steps should the United States take to prepare for economic competition from evolving powers, such as China?

Answer: Congress must alter the "new world order" free trade agreements with foreign nations that deny their populations their unalienable rights that the United States protects for its people by constitutional law. "NWO" free trade agreements are not the same as fair trade because "NWO" big business is enabled to exploit conditions of populations across borders for profiteering. Hence, our factories move abroad for cheaper production capability to flood our markets and expand our trade deficit.