Press Release - Reform Party USA Endorses 15 May Gas Boycott

2007-05-15 00:00
2007-05-15 23:59


The Reform of the United States of America, through its National Committee,
endorses the Tuesday 15 May 2007 National Gas Boycott and asks all
who are alarmed by the unprecedented gas prices and gas price
increases to join the Reform Party of the United States of America ("RPUSA")
and participate in this one day expression of public outrage by boycotting
all gasoline purchases on Tuesday, 15 May 2007.

Their Reaction: Price Hike!

Maybe this is a reaction by the Oil Execs to this proposed No-Gas Day. The price of gas here jumped 22 cents per gallon!

Does this really convince the Oil Execs?

Shifting a fraction of drivers' gas purchases from one day to another doesn't sound very convincing to me.

To really send them a message, we need to consume less oil products, not just gas but also plastics, etc.

Regarding gas consumption:

- Drive less:
- - Go shopping less often
- - Go on fewer "joy rides"
- - Pool necessary trips with others: car-pooling, shopping with neighbors, ...
- Look at alternative fuels for cars:
- - Hydrogen/Water Power: Search
- - Bio-Diesel Search
- Look at alternative power for your home
- - Wind Power Search
- - Solar Power Search
- - Alternative Energy Search
- - "Free" Energy Search

Let's get real:
Make a real plan.
Take real action.