Ron Paul - June 15 - Kansas City, MO - Uptown Theater

2007-06-15 17:00
2007-06-15 19:30

Uptown Theater
3700 Broadway Rd.
Kansas City, MO 64111

Open to All Attending
Individual Reporter(s)

Ron Paul [Items|Blog|Printable PDF Flyer] is talking in Kansas City, MO, at 5:30 PM on Friday, June 15th, 2007 at Uptown Theater.

Ron Paul is the front-runner in the run for the 2008 Republican Presidential Nomination. He has basically won the first three televised debates (40% after MSNBC debate, roughly tied for first around 28% after the Fox debate, and 62% after the CNN debate).

Ron Paul is the only Pro-Constitution, Pro-Life, Pro-Family, Pro-Sovereignty, Pro-Privacy, Pro-Second-Amendment candidate running for president. He says he will stop the IRS and Federal Reserve (and the proliferation/ monetization of debt by banks), bring our troops home, secure our borders, stop the North American Union, stop NAFTA, GATT, and CAFTA, and stop the National ID Card (Real ID Act).

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