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Please print out these flyers and pass them out to your friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. Leave several at doctors' offices, lobbies, post-offices, truck-stops, barber-shops, gas-stations. Include them in correspondence to Kansans.

Flyer - Jason Littlejohn - Reform Issues

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So Whats so different about us REFORM people...

For far too long, those who have been fortunate enough to find themselves with the responsibility of being our representatives have often times grown accustomed to their appointments and often times have found that it is far better for themselves to keep a low profile and support positions that, unfortunately, ignore pressing issues of concern. As a Kansan and an American I have noticed many developments that are occuring all around us that are troubling both on a State wide and a National level. One of the true joy's in my life is my hobby as a journalist. For many years it has been my goal in life to expose problems and offer solutions. I believe that a wise thing to do is to interview people who have had success with various problems and then listen to those who have "been there and done that" .
I believe this process has been circumvented for a long time by a motivation to retain office at any cost. I want to break that mold.

Leslie Martin - Reform Candidate for KS State Representative, 61st District

Leslie Martin, Reform Candidate for KS State Representative, 61st District

Leslie Martin is a strong proponent of traditional family values. She is pro-life and against embryonic stem-cell research.

Leslie is particularly concerned about the National Animal Identification System, which forces RF-ID tagging of all livestock and even the tracking of their feed, and which Congress has scheduled to become mandatory in all states by 2009.

NAIS will be the final destruction of the small family farms and ranches, since it will add crushing expenses, regulations, and fines to their already high costs of staying in business. As more and more local farms and ranches shut down, to the delight of the multi-national "Big-Beef"/"Big-Bird" companies (like Cargill, ADM, and Tyson), our food quality will diminish from the reduced competition.

Do you Eat?! Then you should be against NAIS!

Vote for Leslie Martin for Kansas State Representative, District #61.

Sylvester Cain - Kansas Reform Candidate for U.S. Congress, 1st District

Sylvester has worked behind the scenes in the tax honesty movement in various groups helping the general public understand the Internal Revenue Code and the administration thereof. He has done this in one capacity or another since 1960. Sylvester has learned that many of the early ideas of “how-to” understand the code has had to change with the broadening of his education on the subject. The advent of the computer and the internet enhanced this work greatly. No longer was there a need to have meeting late into the night miles and miles from home, no longer a need to make trips to the law library; all that is needed now is e-mail and the Internet websites.

Judy Tucker - A Pro-Life Candidate for KS State Representative, 5th District.

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Having watched the actions of Government in her many years as a Mother and Grandparent of 2 beautiful Grandchildren, Judy is now running for KS State Representative to make our Elected Government Officials accountable to the People instead of serving the Corporations and Special Interest Groups. The fundamental problem behind the betrayer of our Elected Representatives is the large amount of Money being passed around to many Officials who do not care about We the People.

For example, Big Pharmaceutical Companies lobby for trade agreements that would enforce the international agreement called Codex Alimentarius, which will outlaw herbs and natural food supplements, only allowing them by prescription, if at all. "Big Pharma" doesn't want to see a reduction in their profits because of people keeping themselves stay healthy with healthy food and herbs; they don't want competition.

Most people are not yet aware that while laws are being passed to infringe upon our constitutional civil liberties in the name of making us safer from terrorists, our borders are not being defended from the daily invasion of thousands of unidentified illegal immigrants who may well be the very terrorists of which the government and media are constantly warning us, on their way to destroy the future of our children. The contradictions in these ploicies are obvious.

Most people are not yet aware that the Security and Prosperity Partnership Of North America (SPP) is already nearing completion. This anti-American partnership will dissolve the borders with Canada and Mexico, eliminate security at our current national borders, and complete the destructive "free trade" agreements that have been helping U.S. factories move to Mexico for cheaper labor for over a decade: under the SPP they will be able to hire legal immigrants, avoiding those costly moving expenses.

This economic destruction, together with the so-called war on domestic terrorism, is double insanity without representation. We The People, who are supposed to control the people's government, have not asked for this. The money and power of large international corporations have the eyes and ears of our Elected Officials, directing them to ensure greater control, less competition, and increased profits for their wealthy sponsors.

Joy Holt - Reform Candidate for U.S. Congress, 4th District, Kansas

[Joy's Printable Flyer PDFs]

In 1992, she worked on the Ross Perot for President Petition Drive and Perot's campaign as an Independent Presidential Candidate.

From 1993 to 1996, she was a volunteer in United We Stand America (UWSA), a popular non-partisan political activist group that was started by Ross Perot after the 1992 election. UWSA worked to convince Congress to stop their yearly deficit spending and to reduce the total national debt (over $4 trillion in 1993; now over $8.5 trillion in 2006). UWSA also tried to defeat the promoters of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the World Trade Organization (WTO), and all "Free Trade", who have stolen U.S. jobs, eroded the tax-base, and have nearly destroyed our nation's sovereignty.

The loss of good jobs due to "Free Trade" can be estimated by the dramatic increase in our yearly Trade Deficit. In 1993, the U.S. Trade Deficit was under $100 billion per year. In 2006, the U.S. Trade Deficit is exceeding $800 billion dollars per year. Economists estimate job loss at 20,000 jobs for each billion dollars in trade deficit. 20,000 X 800 is 16,000,000 jobs. After World War II the U.S. produced over 90% of its goods, and in 2006 we produce about 20% of our goods. The U.S. is rapidly losing the "value-added" jobs necessary to be a great nation, based on Mining, Manufacturing, and Agriculture. Small farms are being destroyed by a policy of exporting one third of U.S. produce and importing one third of the meat, grain, fruit, etc. we consume, "dumped" at cut-throat prices by multi-national Agri-Business and usually uninspected.

In 1996, she helped collect petitions to get ballot access for the Reform Party of Kansas, and she has been active in the Party ever since.

In the 1990s, following the suggestion of Chuck Harder, a radio talk show host in Florida, Joy also helped found the Concerned Citizens of the Heartland, a group that discusses issues and aims to educate citizens about legislative actions in the U.S. Congress, Kansas Legislature, and Local Government.

Jason Littlejohn - Candidate for KS State Representative, 45th District

Jason Littlejohn for KS House District 45 : Reform for Government and Relief for Kansans!

I am completely, 100% pro-life, and I am against embryonic stem-cell research. I do support adult stem-cell research, since it doesn't destroy human life, and it has shown some good results.

I am running as an independent, just like so many others out there, like Lieberman for example, because I believe that both major parties are not going to fix the problems in our nation or our State that need to be fixed.

  • I see a nation that needs to bring its jobs back, but doing so means overturning the WTO.
  • I see a nation that needs to stop Illegal Immigration, and that means taking away the incentive for cheap labor by enforcing the laws making it illegal to employ illegal aliens.
  • I see a nation that is really failing its children by removing the rights of parents to raise their children as they see fit. Why shouldn't we allow parents the option of sending their children to school's in line with their beliefs by giving parents back their own tax money to make it happen (the hypocrites in D.C. almost exclusively send their children to private schools).
  • I see a nation that is being raped by the oil barons while our elected officials avoid even the discussion of using our own domestic oil that would save us hundreds of billions of dollars (just go to a search engine and type in GULL ISLAND).
  • I see a nation that is not being told the truth, and if I can get in there, I will make every attempt to increase the volume on issues that matter.

Roger Tucker - Candidate for United States Congress, Kansas 2nd C.D.

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Roger understands what is happening to tear our country down with the down-sizing and loss of our nation's manufacturing. He understands the great benefit of having free trade between our 50 equal sovereign states who are all equally protected under the laws of liberty of our United States Constitution. This has enabled the creation of the prosperous middle class American economy. He understands that evil, greedy people have been promoting free trade agreements with other countries so that they can exploit oppressed people in foreign factories for their cheaper product production.

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